Experience & Education

Content Designer/Innovation Specialist

Helping the government build more inclusive technology to better serve the people.

Communications & Programs Associate (part-time)

Communications and organizational support for SRCCON and SRCCON:WORK, leadership convenings, and other projects to make journalism more inclusive and representative of the communities they serve.

Content Strategist & Information Architect

Lead content strategy and governance team to realign programatic and content strategy with the organization’s shift from print publishing and services to advocacy and editorial focuses. Lead discussions on how to shift organizational strategy to be more inclusive of traditionally-marginalized communities. Oversaw migration from outdated legacy technology stacks and development methods to single-stream digital and print editorial processes as well as agile development processes. Experiments in digital storytelling.

Content Strategist & UX Advocate

Founding partner in a content strategy and web design consultancy concentrating on digital design for not-for- profit organizations. Hired and managed teams of specialists for each project.

Program Manager & Research Assistant

Program manager for organization’s flagship project, the SHARP Network, a wiki and database of voting records for Senate and House representatives and candidates for science policy issues. Press officer, secretary for Board of Directors.

Legislative Intern

August 2007 to November Conducted legislative research, attended policy briefings for legislative staff, drafted constituent response mail, congratulatory letters, and basic secretarial assistant duties. (And damn fine tours of the Capitol Building.)

BA, Philosophy & Political Science

Concentrations in political philosophy, ethical theory, and political decision making.

Constituent Services Intern

Grant and policy research, drafted grant recommendation letters. Performed secretarial and assistant duties for office staff, and constituent services such as taking constituent comments.

Campaign Management Intern

Campaign advisor, assisted in debate preparation coaching. Designed and administered the campaign website. Copyediting of press releases for online publishing.

Web Developer

Lead developer, oversaw the work of two other student web designers for implementing an iteration of the Beloit College website.

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Speaker & Organizer

October 2017

Making products and teams accessible with content strategy

How to use content strategy as a framework for making your teams, products, and organizations more inclusive.

What if political maps, but more?

How do we build maps that connect and empower communities?

August 2017

How do we change our minds anyway?

A co-facilitated session with Marie Connelly working through research and examples of how people change their minds.

Liminal realities: Global politics and local activism from a Taiwanese-American perspective

What can activists in Taiwan and the US learn from one another as we each fight for social justice in our own communities? How can we support one another in the movement for global liberation?

April 2017

How should 🇹🇼🇺🇸 fight the 🚮🔥‽

A session on the intersection of the Taiwanese-American diaspora, social justice, and decolonization.

Content strategy work is Inclusivity & Social Justice Work

How to use content strategy as a framework for making your teams, products, and organizations more inclusive.

October 2016

Panel on API Solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives

A panel conversation at Temple University on the role of API communities in collective liberation with the Movement for Black Lives.

November 2015

Moderated Discussion—The Missing De-Orbit Command: How to retire stale projects

A discussion on how plan to take care of ourselves, our teams, and our constituents when our projects have reached their end of life.

January 2015

Editorial Systems Design & CAPE on the cheap

Discussion on how to create a CMS for multi-channel publishing with a tiny budget.

September 2014

Responsive Typography

A discussion on creating good typographic experiences across devices, platforms, and contexts.

October 2011

Comments suck: What to do about the conversation after the story is told.

A discussion of the social, legal, and cognitive problems of communication and community building in online journalism.

The Interdisciplinary Technologist

How designers and developers can and why we must help improve our communities.

Typoholics Unite!

A group discussion on typography in design, development, and personal productivity.

April 2011

An Introduction to Symphony CMS

An introduction to content-first development with Symphony CMS.

October 2010

CSS, Web Fonts, and HTML5: Amazing Typography for All

An overview of new advances in HTML5, CSS3, web fonts, the legal issues, and the future of web design.

May 2009

Scientists and Engineers Campaign Education and Training

A day-long education workshop to train scientists in public outreach and run for public office.

January 2009

Joint Mathematics Meeting Special Session on Redistricting

Direct organizational support to Dr. D. Goroff & Dr. D. Ulman. Logistical and technical support for organizing the Special Session on Redistricting at the 2009 Joint Mathematics Meeting.

May 2008

Scientists and Engineers Campaign Education and Training Workshop

A day-long education workshop to train scientists in public outreach and run for public office.


(As a function of intellectual development.)


Logo for the Letters for Black Lives projet

Letters for Black Lives

Coordinator Team

Community coordinator for a crowdsourced open letter project that wrote and translated a letter to fight anti-Blackness in immigrant communities into >25 languages in 7 days by a team of >400 contributors from around the world. All in Google Docs.

A screenshot of the Climate Justice feature.

Spring 2016: Climate Justice

Writer, editorial strategist, & development lead

This is a fully art-directed digitization of the Spring 2016 issue of the Green American Magazine on climate justice and was part of long-term project to shift core organizational strategy and planning to include a focus on racial and climate justice.

Tools used: Jekyll, Sass, jQuery.

A screenshot of the World of Hurt feature.

World of Hurt

UX advocate & development lead

Art-directed digitization of a feature series from the Green American Magazine focused on labor abuses in major industries around the world.

Tools used: Jekyll, Sass, d3.js (for simple mapping), jQuery.

A screenshot of the Food Print Quiz

What is your carbon food-print?

Co-author, user experience, and art direction

An interactive quiz to help readers calculate the carbon impact of the proteins they eat. This was an online component of an article in the Winter 2014 Green American Magazine.

Tools used: Sass, jQuery.

A screenshot of the Green Pages site

National Green Pages

Content strategist, lead developer

Modernized an outdated print process and website that involved an end-of-life CRM, as well as a laptop running Adobe CS3, and custom software to a single-stream, multi-channel process that imported data from a new CRM, and store all data as a single database of record to export to InDesign, as well as a mobile-first webapp. Building the project in-house, saved the organization +$75,000 in contractor costs as well as +$25,000 annually in production costs and service licensing fees (20–25% of the program’s running costs).

Tools used: Symphony CMS, InDesign, Sass.

A screenshot of the Floriography web app

Floriography: Emoji of the 19th Century

A weekend project digitizing 19th century floriography dictionaries as a searchable database. (This project is not in active development.)

Tools used: Symphony CMS, Sass.

Visualized Personal Health Diary

An experimental visualized personal health and wellness diary to help record, track, and discover personal health trends. (This project is open source, but has been retired.)

Tools used: Symphony CMS, Sass, d3.js.

[On Github]

Project Platen & The Expedition of Humphry Clinker

Project Platen is an experimental open-source framework for publishing digital books and research as websites with built-in APIs, The Expedition of Humphry Clinker digitizes the 1771 novel with visualization-based exploration tools for literary analysis. (This project is not being actively developed.)

Tools used: Symphony CMS, Sass, d3.js.

[On Github]


A mobile-first template that includes Sass+Compass mixins to generate semantic grid layouts. This was the base template used for most of the projects in this portfolio. (This project has been retired.)

Tools used: HTML5Boilerplate, jQuery, Sass

[On Github]

Sound & Music

A series of posters visualizing the history of music and music theory.

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